My First Experience With SEO

One of my very first websites over 10 years ago was a Gaming website that I planned to make a ton of money off. I was still pretty young and naive, and figured that if I put a good article up it would instantly go viral. After writing the article and being totally sure that everyone was going to love it I sat in disappointment after only reaching 100 views total in the first year. This was the start of my SEO journey.

Looking back on it there were so many mistakes I made and so many things I would have done completely differently. That’s probably the case with most people who start their first website before they really learn SEO and know what they are doing. Even now there’s still some things I pick up every once in awhile I wish I could change in some of my posts from the past.

The main thing with SEO is that it’s ever-changing and is something that you really have to keep up-to-date with.

Looking back on that very first blog I made there’s a ton of stuff I wish I could tell the younger me.

The very first thing I did was buy some freelancing SEO work online for that blog, and I still immediately expected it to generate a ton of traffic and rank. I was sorely disappointed with this, because after dropping a ton of money on SEO Services I still had not acquired any extra traffic. At the time I was trying to make money using AdSense so the more visitors I got the more profit I was thinking I would receive.

When I didn’t receive any extra traffic from the SEO services I thought I could just buy traffic. There were a ton of people advertising website hits and website views at the time and so I bought a package of 10,000 website views. I ended up getting over 15,000 visitors throughout the next month, but most of them were from Russia and India and did absolutely nothing for my AdSense profits. In fact looking back on it I’m surprised that I didn’t get banned from AdSense because I’m pretty sure that all of those views were fake.

This was the start of my journey into SEO. I was curious as to why none of these Services were working, so I started researching how to do effective SEO by myself. After reading a ton of Articles and watching a ton of videos online, and going through even more failures I finally started to figure out what I was doing. I was able to salvage that blog, and ended up ranking it in the top five within a year.

I hear similar stories all the time – people who are just getting into SEO and want things to be done quickly. They often pay the lowest price they can to get SEO work done for them.

The good thing is that there are so many resources available now if you’re willing to put a few hours in to researching what you actually need for your website to rank effectively.

I’ve learned a lot since that first blog, and I’m still constantly learning. I hope that you will continue to visit my blog that I can share helpful tidbits of information that I am constantly learning.

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